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    In 2015-2020 Chinese building decoration industry development prospect analysis

    Release time:2016-01-14 11:34:42   Page view:3659

    Chinese building decoration industry from the opening in the early 90 s, as per capita national income has increased, architectural decoration needs further improvement. Especially after China's per capita GDP of more than $1000 in 2006, decoration consumption become one of the main content of the consumption. Development, from abroad because of up to 1000 dollars per capita income, consumer begin from "clothing, food" to "live," transformation, decorative consumption becomes an important part of residents' living consumption.

    Decorate a requirement of various public places with constantly improve, architectural decoration industry constantly improve cost. And housing privatization, people pay more attention to the improvement of life quality, the pursuit of comfortable, beautiful, personalized consumption, house decoration also get fast growth.

    2014 national stock has reached 66.2 billion square meters, large stock means huge potential growth space, future demand for secondary secondary decoration will bring into the second decoration industry second-highest growth stage. House decoration cycle short, in general, 8 and 12 years needs to be redecorated, some public buildings such as hotels, office decoration cycle is 6-8 years, places of entertainment and commercial housing decoration cycle shorter. Housing allocation monetization reform in 1998, the national housing area to get fast growth, annual growth rate to 2.3% from 1999, every year, stepping up to 2014 annual growth rate of 6.83%. According to the adornment of cycle, secondary decorate demand growth will enter the stage of quick release.

    In the next few years the second decoration demand growth will gradually entered the stage of ascension and outbreak, which will drive the architectural decoration requirements into a more rapid growth stage.